Pulp Theatre founded in 2001 by David Bircham and Daley Osiyemi brought together a collective of outstandingly talented illustrators, programmers, animators and writers, who are dedicated to developing quality content.

In 2004 Pulp created and published Brodie's Law, a comic book exploding onto the UK and US scene to critical acclaim. It set a major record for an independent title at the world famous San Diego Comic Con in 2005, where it achieved record sales. Brodie’s Law has since gained the attention of Hollywood with noted films studios, directors and producers. Pulp Theatre's strong business approach has been to deliver quality products to achieve commercial success and competitive edge – brands which stand out in the digital world.

Here are some of the diverse range of brands we work with:

  • Channel 4
    Channel 4
  • Channel 4
    Warner Brothers
  • Channel 4
  • Channel 4
  • Channel 4
  • Channel 4
  • Paizo Publishing
    Paizo Publishing
  • SFX Magazine
    SFX Magazine
  • Telewest Broadband
    Telewest Broadband
  • Hewlett Packard
    Hewlett Packard
  • Blizzard Entertainment
    Blizzard Entertainment
  • Nokia
  • Wizards of the Coast
    Wizards of the Coast
  • FitPro Music
    FitPro Music
  • 2000 AD
    2000 AD